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By Jackie Byers


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In a quiet spot at 60th and Laurel, Life Care Center of Omaha offers skilled rehabilitation and care for people facing many different health conditions. Admissions Coordinator, Stacy Holmon, explains the facility has a variety of treatment options for adults in need of short-term skilled care, including inpatient and outpatient skilled rehabilitation and skilled nursing care.


Stacy, a Council Bluffs native, has an Omaha heart. “I grew up in East Omaha, in a close-knit community,” she shares. “I earned my master’s degree in counseling at UNO, and I have 27 years of experience in health care, including vocational rehabilitation, home health care, and now long-term care at Life Care Center of Omaha. I have been here since 2009.”


Life Care Centers of America (LCCA) is rated in the top five privately owned care providers in the country. They have flourished in a growing and competitive field. They operate over 200 facilities around the country, and the Omaha facility has been a part of LCCA since 1994. The mantra for LCCA is: “Patients and residents are our highest priority.”


Life Care Center of Omaha offers private and double occupancy rooms, all on one level. Amenities include a supplied television and telephone with service for each bed. Patients may bring their own electronics and access the free Wi-Fi. The facility provides laundry, dining, and lots of indoor and outdoor space for patients to enjoy.


Life Care Center of Omaha provides free medical transportation for all patients. A beauty salon and barber shop, optometrist, podiatrist, and counseling/psychiatrist are offered as optional services. The beautifully landscaped grounds offer much green space for strollers, sitters, bird-watchers, and daydreamers. The neighborhood is peaceful and away from traffic disruptions. Of course, all spaces are handicap-accessible.


Stacy is justifiably proud of the food service at Life Care Center of Omaha. The dining room is spacious, surrounded by windows and a cheerful open air courtyard. To accommodate all patients and guests, each of three daily meals is served in two sittings. In between meals, healthy snacks are available. “The meals here are delicious, well-balanced and nutritious,” Stacy declares. “The head dietician has been a part of our management team for 19 years. Our food service wins us praise from patients and guests regularly.” Guests are always welcome and may join loved ones for a meal anytime. The cost for visitors to eat is $2.00 per meal.


Stacy is familiar with the high rate of turnover in the field of healthcare. “All of the department heads have been with us for five years or more,” she notes. “This is amazing in a field that has such high demand and frequent turnover! Omaha has so many hospitals and care facilities. In health care, demand for qualified people to do the job is quite high.”


Why do so many patients come to a facility like Life Care Center of Omaha? “Hospitals discharge patients quickly, so the need for therapy centers is constant,” Stacy explains. “We employ registered nurses (RNs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs), certified nurse assistants (CNA), and a specialized wound nurse. We also have occupational, speech, and physical therapists employed by Life Care Center of Omaha. Our nurse practitioner and medical director meet with patients regularly. The medical director also provides a follow-up visit after discharge at no extra cost.”


The skilled therapy program stresses home safety. Careful evaluation of patient progress is essential. This involves meeting with the patient, the patient’s family, and the care team to set patient-centered goals. “The patient’s progress is carefully monitored, and the patient’s therapy goals are met,” Stacy says. “Whether it is orthopedic, balance training, continence, or cognitive retraining, we work to ensure a safe and comfortable transition home.”


Whether you or your loved one needs short-term skilled rehabilitation or long-term skilled nursing care, Life Care Center of Omaha is an excellent option with a home-like atmosphere. As Stacy states, “Our goal is to provide the peace of mind that your care is complete.”


At Life Care Center of Omaha, all payment options are accepted, including private pay, Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance. The facility is located at 6032 Ville de Sante Drive, in Omaha. For more information, call 402-571-6770 or visit LifeCareCenterofOmaha.com.